Cupcakery Reviews!

So I decided that I am going to start hitting up all kinds of bakeries in southern California and start up a review page! My boyfriend/assistant Dylan was sweet enough to take me to two different local bakeries this past Valentine's weekend! Lucky me =]
First we went to The Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach.

I got a Red Velvet and he got the monthly flavor, Cherry Chocolate Chip! And I even got a new tshirt that says "Frosted is for Lovers" soo happy about that! =]



he likes to snap pictures of me with cupcake in my mouth....

 The NEXT day........ SusieCakes in Newport Beach.

Once again I got the Red Velvet, Dylan picked out the Peanut Butter. And we decided on a third, the Cupcake of the Month, Sugar and Spice, vanilla cake with cinnamon sugar frosting.


Peanut Butter.

Red Velvet

As you can probably see, our cupcakes rarely make it home...

My Review:
I liked the Red Velvet cupcake at The Frosted Cupcakery better than the one at SusieCakes.They both tasted good, but overall the cupcake at Frosted tasted a little bit better! Maybe cause it was Valentine's day =] It had a little less frosting than SusieCakes, which is okay with me. I'm more of a cake lover anyways! They were both very moist and very rich. Although the cupcake at SusieCakes was a little redder, I think the one at Frosted was a tad bit bigger. The Sugar and Spice cupcake was a little bit dryer than the Red Velvet, but still very delicious. The cinnamon sugar frosting was amazing! And the vanilla cake even had some cute red confetti in it.
Dylan's Review:
“While nothing was quite as delicious as any of the treats Holli makes, ALL of the cupcakes I go to try were incredible. One thing I really liked about both The Frosted Cupcakery and SusieCakes was that they had extremely moist cupcakes and they didn’t overflow the cupcakes with frosting like some of the other bakeries. All in all, I actually preferred the cupcakes at SusieCakes, although when I go back to Frosted to try the ice cream filled cupcakes I may have to change my mind. My favorite overall cupcake was definitely the peanut butter one from SusieCakes, but that may just be because I’m a Peanut-butter-aholic.”
If anyone wants to visit either of these bakeries, here is the info. More reviews coming soon!


2043 Westcliff Drive #104
Newport Beach, CA 92660