Cupcake Camp OC!

On September 11, 2011, an event called Cupcake Camp OC went down over at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine.

All the proceeds went to Children of the Night, a non-profit organization out to stop child prostitution.

So tickets were $15 per person, and you got to pick which track you wanted, 12-2 or 3-5. And from 2-3 was a cupcake competition for the bakers! Each person received 5 tickets, and could trade each ticket for 1 regular or 2 mini cupcakes.

From the moment the doors opened it was cupcake craziness. We brought 700 mini cupcakes, which was split evenly for each of the tracks. But we very quickly found out that there were WAY more people than the event expected and not enough cupcakes for everyone. We handed out 350 cupcakes in 30 minutes.

Here are some photos from the day;

hot out of the oven!

3/4 of team hollicakes getting ready to go!

Dylan and Kayla having a mid-setup cupcake break!

My amazing cupcake engineer, assistant & soulmate.

Oh what flavors did we bring? I thought you’d never ask =]

Mallow Delight - Chocolate cake topped with homemade marshmallow frosting then dipped in dark chocolate.

This flavor was also featured at this years LA Cupcake Challenge, and has become a favorite of some of my youngest fans! What kid (or adult) can say no to the combination of marshmallow & chocolate?!

Raspberry Velvet - Raspberry red velvet cake with tangy cream cheese frosting.

A fun, fruity twist on a delicious classic. Even topped with a homemade fondant heart & edible glitter!

Snickers & Jack - Caramel snickers cake topped with homemade caramel and chocolate Jack Daniels buttercream.

I recently posted about these cupcakes, which were inspired by a “Top Shelf” ice cream that was once featured at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach.

Breakfast in Bed - Blueberry buttermilk cake topped with a maple swiss meringue buttercream & cinna-bacon.

These cupcakes were created by Dylan, and feature his famous cinnamon bacon! These sinful breakfast cakes, along with my Snickers & Jack cupcakes have become a favorite of the guys’. You know, the boyfriends/husbands/ brothers of all those cupcake-loving women out there. The men are happy, the women are happy, cupcake bliss.

All set up & ready for the cupcake lovers!

New hollicakes shirts courtesy of TC Screen Printing, pretty amazing.

Cupcake Love<3

The competition included three categories; Most OC, Most Childhood Inspired, and Spirit of 9/11.

RESULTS; hollicakes earned two 2nd places and one 1st place! Yay! I honestly was shocked, and so happy that people loved my cupcakes!

Most OC: Chocolate Orange - Chocolate cake filled with a sweet orange curd, topped with white chocolate orange buttercream & a candied orange slice dipped in chocolate.

2nd Place Winner!

Most Childhood Inspired: Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies - Brown sugar cake filled with a chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with brown sugar buttercream & mini chocolate chips.

2nd Place Winner!

Spirit of 9/11(design only category): Dylan designed and built fondant Twin Towers with light-up blue LEDS.

1st Place Winner!

My cupcake boys - Andrew & Dylan!

Dylan’s favorite cupcake of the day.

Four of my favorite things; Cupcakes, chocolate, glitter & turquoise.

Andrew giving away the LAST breakfast in bed cupcake! intense moment.

Cupcake madness.

Gave away all 700 cupcakes, ended up with a TON of tickets! Love it =]

I had an amazing time at Cupcake Camp OC and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped organize the event, the hotel, all the cupcake fans out there, & the judges.

And most of all THANK YOU to Team Hollicakes!! Dylan, Kayla, Andrew & my mom!! I love you guys! I could not have done it without you.

Until next time,