Father's Day Extravaganza.

So Father’s Day was a few weeks ago, I know I’m slacking. Anyways, my grandma ordered 75 cupcakes from me for a brunch that her community was having, so exciting! Well she didn’t mention anything specific, so I was free to design the cupcakes however I wanted. I starting thinking sports and BBQs....typical dad-like things.

So since I needed 75 for the order, and some extra for my dad and family friends AND one day to bake and decorate ALL of them, I decided to use boxed cake mixes. Not my favorite, but it works when you need a ton in a short amount of time.

Let’s look at the process, a very fun 7ish hour day of baking and decorating!

Caramel cream steaks, haha.

Candy shishka-bobs.

Ever seen cupcakes look like a BBQ grill?

Hmm what sport could these be? I’m thinkin some red laces...


The assembly line. Couldn’t do it without my assistant and my Cactus Cooler.

Oh balls.

Day at the golf course anyone?

What You Need:

- 75 cupcakes, any flavor
(25 for golf, 25 for basketball&baseball, and 25 for BBQs)

Golf Course
- 25 cupcakes
- about 3/4 cup green sugar
- 1 package of white Tic-Tacs
- 13 toothpicks
- about 15” ribbon 1/2” to 1” wide
- double-sided tape
- 1/2 cup fine graham cracker crumbs
- 1 1/4 cups white buttercream frosting

1. Place green sugar in a shallow bowl. Frost cupcakes with a thin, smooth coat of buttercream, then dip in green sugar making sure to coat evenly.
2. Making the Flags; Cut the ribbon into 1” pieces, use double-sided tape on inside to wrap around toothpick. Cut into triangles.
3. Place flags on top of 13 of the cupcakes, as well as a Tic-Tac, pushing it halfway into the cupcake so it looks round like a golf ball.
4. Use about 1/2 teaspoon of graham cracker crumbs on each of the remaining 12 cupcakes, shaping the sand-traps with your thumb. Add a Tic-Tac as a golf ball where ever you want, or leave them without!

Sports Cupcakes
- 25 cupcakes
- about 1 cup orange non-pareils
- about 1 cup white non-pareils
- 1/4 cup black frosting
- 1/4 cup red frosting
- 1 1/4 cups white frosting

1. Frost cupcakes with a thin, smooth coat of buttercream. Place orange and white non-pareils in separate shallow bowls.
2. Dip half the cupcakes in orange, and the other half in the white, making sure to coat them evenly.
3. Place the black frosting in a piping bag with a small round tip, pipe the laces on the basketballs. Do the same with the red frosting on the white cupcakes for the baseballs.

Let’s BBQ
- 25 cupcakes
- multi-colored gummy candies (enough for 18 shishkabobs)
- 32 Hot Tamales
- 16 caramel creams shaped into steaks
- 1/4 cup gray frosting
- 18 toothpicks
- 2 tablespoons orange sugar

1. Place gray frosting in piping bag with small round tip. Pipe 5 lines on each cupcake to make the grill, sprinkle with a pinch of orange sugar for the hot coals.
2. Cut the gummy candies into small squares or triangles, then add them to the toothpicks, 5 each in alternating colors. Place 2 shishka-bobs on 9 of the cupcakes.
3. Add 2 steaks to 8 of the cupcakes, adding little “grill marks” with the leftover gray frosting.
4. Add 4 hot dogs (Hot Tamales) to the remaining 8 cupcakes, also giving them grill marks with the gray frosting.

Enjoy! =]

It’s time for your close-ups, little cupcakes!

I ended up taking these photos the next day, and my red laces bled into the white of the baseball =( Oh well though!

Let’s have a BBQ.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! And if you were one of my neighbors or friends you may have gotten one of these...

I know its after Father’s Day, but these cupcakes are also great for birthdays, summer BBQs, and sports parties!

Another update coming soon......my first wedding cupcakes!

<3hollicakes

True Blood Treats.

The Season 3 premiere of True Blood was on last week, and my mom and I decided to throw a party! Including vampire themed food =]

See, about a year ago I made True Blood cupcakes, and they were AMAZING. I’d been wanting to do a 2.0 version of them and my party was the perfect excuse! Last time I made vanilla cupcakes with pureed cherry pie filling centers and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. The frosting was great, but just not quite white enough. So this time I made the same cake and filling, but instead used a homemade marshmallow cream frosting! Oh my. Just wait.

In addition to the cupcakes, I also made Vampire Bite Cookies! Anti-Vampire Garlic Bites. AND a beautiful fruit platter. All recipes will follow!

Pureed Cherry Pie filling for the “bites”

Cupcakes with centers cut out, ready to be filled!

Homemade Marshmallow Cream Frosting!

Cupcakes filled and frosted, with centers left for snacking =]

Using a toothpick to make the vampire bites!

True Blood Cupcakes and Cookies.

Loved this fruit platter =]

Anti-Vampire Garlic Bites.

For the Vampire Cupcakes and Cookies I used recipes from BakingBites.com, make sure you check them out and all the other great recipes featured on the website!

Recipe for Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Recipe for Vampire Bite Cookies

And for the Anti-Vampire Garlic Bites I used a recipe from TLC Cooking, and you can find it HERE.

The party was SO fun, I want to say thank you to all my friends that came! And to my mom, her best friend, and my boyfriend for helping with the food and decorations, they were amazing =]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in CUPCAKE Form!

So last week I went on a very relaxing vacation to my cousin’s house up in Northern Cali. BUT of course we had to bake at least once! I was showing her family some of the yummy looking treats on Annie’s Eats and we decided on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. You can find the recipe HERE. We were a little short on time, so we decided to leave out the mini chocolate chip cookies on top. But next time, I definitely plan to make them! Mmmmm just typing about this makes me hungry for cookies. Here’s how it all went down...

Oh hand mixer?! I should have brought my KitchenAid.

The batter looked almost exactly like cookie dough.

Out of the oven.

Cookie Dough Frosting.

Since I wasn’t in my own kitchen, things were a little hectic and I forgot to snap pictures of the cookie dough filling! Oops!

These were very popular cupcakes. The recipe made 28, and they were ALL gone by the time I left a few days later....Wow! The cookie dough filling was a huge hit with her little brothers and well as some co-workers. I hope every baker gets a chance to make these cupcakes at least once, they will amaze you I promise!

<3hollicakes

Banana Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes!

Ohhh bananas. Today is my grandma’s 75th birthday, yes 75. And I am just about to go to her surprise birthday party! I knew I had to make something delicious. So yesterday my assistant and I baked all afternoon! We started with a banana cake, that included 2 whole bananas!! A chocolate surprise in the middle, and a caramel swiss meringue buttercream with caramel drizzled on top. Woah.

I found the recipe on Annie’s Eats. I’ve never used a recipe off this website before so I was a little nervous! You can find it HERE.

The only thing I changed was that I attempted to add a chocolate swirl. BUT....it ended up more like a chocolate layer on most of the cupcakes. I used a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and about a cup of heavy cream, heated and melted together. You can most certainly omit this part. Maybe a chocolate frosting with caramel drizzled on top? Mmmm.

Anyways, these cupcakes turned out very moist, one of my new favorites! The frosting was SUPER rich and sweet, maybe a little too sweet. If I were to use this frosting recipe again I would probably use a little less sugar and/or caramel.

Here are some pictures of the process;

ripe bananas&yellow cupcake liners.

mash those bananas.

mix it all up.

the house filled with delicious banana scent...

frost with caramel buttercream.


off to my grandma’s birthday party =]

<3hollicakes

Sweet&Saucy Shop

Hey again! Updates two days in a row?! I’m proud of myself!

Well yesterday the boyfriend and I had some extra time and wanted to hit up a new bakery, but I couldn’t think of any specific one. So I did what I usually do, check out a few of my favorite cupcake blogs for ideas. And on the CupcakeActivist.com I found one! Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach! Her reviews looked promising, so we decided to give it a try.

I really want to get some cute cake stands like these.

We ended up getting a mini Red Velvet Cupcake, a mini Candy Bar Cupcake, a Red Velvet Cake Pop, and a Banana Peanut Butter Cake Pop.

Treats and a glass of milk, perfect.

The Red Velvet cupcake was a tiny bit dry, but still overall very good. I think it was the frosting that won me over! I’m not a huge frosting fan, but I LOVED this cream cheese frosting. It almost seemed like it had a little bit of cinnamon added to it, I didn’t see any specks in the white frosting however, so maybe I’m crazy! Either way, it was VERY good.

The Candy Bar cupcake was ridiculously sweet but with the perfect amount of salty to balance it out. The mini version was perfect, because it was much richer than the Red Velvet. I might have sugar coma’d if we would have gotten a regular sized cupcake =p

This was actually the first bakery I’ve been to that features cake pops, pretty exciting! So of course we had to get a couple.

As you can see in the photo, the Banana Peanut Butter pop was dipped in chocolate once, but the Red Velvet was dipped twice!

I thought 2 coats of chocolate was a little bit too much, and it took away from the flavor of the cake a little bit. But the amount of chocolate on the Banana Peanut Butter pop was PERFECT!

What was leftover =]

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Sweet and Saucy Shop. The customer service was awesome, and the treats delicious. If you want to visit, they are located here:

6400 Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday : 11am-7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 562.397.9190


Ants at a Picnic!

Hey there my cupcake lovers. I have a really fun post for you today! =]

So for Memorial Day my family was invited to a BBQ that was free as long as you brought some sort of dessert, and OF COURSE, any excuse to bake and I’m there. I had a few suggestions for patriotic or American flag cupcakes, but I wanted to do something different and save the red, white&blue for 4th of July!

You see, a few months ago I bought the newest addition from the author’s of Hello, Cupcake called What’s New, Cupcake.

And this is the very first time I’ve used it. I chose Ants at a Picnic, the perfect dessert for any backyard BBQ!

And I’m going to be honest with you guys, I used a boxed cake mix, Funfetti to be exact. Although homemade cupcakes are better, boxed cake mixes produce moist and sturdy cupcakes that are perfect for when you’re going to be spending extra time on the decorating.

You Will Need:
1 box Funfetti Cake Mix
1 can Vanilla Frosting
Brown Peanut M&M’s or round/oval chocolate candies
1/4 cup chocolate frosting
2 cups finely chopped coconut
green food coloring
5-8 watermelon candy slices
your favorite cupcake liners

But I have another confession to make...
My assistant, aka very helpful boyfriend, did 95% of the baking portion of these cupcakes. Although it was a boxed cake mix, maybe he shouldn’t get too much credit =] Anyways, this mix made 20 cupcakes. So that means 40 brown M&M’s. 20 brown Sixlets (or any other type of round chocolate candy), and 120 little frosting legs.

With that said, the decorating on the other hand was all me! I used a regular vanilla frosting and dyed it green. Next frost the cupcakes with a smooth coat, making sure to get the sides almost all the way to the liner. Then take about 2 cups of finely chopped coconut in a ziplock bag, add a few drops of green food coloring, and SHAKE! Pour the coconut onto a plate, then roll the edges of the cupcakes, making sure to get an even width of coconut all the way around.

Next, arrange the M&M’s in rows of 3 on each cupcake. Put the chocolate frosting in a piping bag with a small round tip and pipe 6 bent legs on each ant, 3 on each side. Give the little guys some antennas. For the watermelon candies, pipe small teardrops to make the “seeds”.

On to the hardest part, getting the watermelons to stand up on the poor little ants. So the book made it look and sound easier than it really is. The only way I got them to stay is if I used some chocolate frosting to attach them, immediately put them in the fridge to solidify the frosting “glue”. It only takes about 15-20 minutes, but getting them from the counter to the fridge is the tricky part! I actually put a plate into the fridge, put down the cupcake, and attached the candies right there to avoid having to carry them and risk having the cute watermelons fall over!

Arrange cupcakes in a line and serve!

Until next time...