Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Pup Treats and some last minute Cake Pops!

Hey everyone!

 This past weekend my mom's best friend got a new puppy Oliver, so I was inspired to make some homemade doggie treats! (My two pups may have also influenced that decision...) I found a great recipe at or HERE.
And I also had a cake leftover from a project in my baking class, no one was eating it so I turned it into some Cake Pops! While I was tending to the Cake Pops, my adorable neighbor Avalon totally took over the kitchen and finished the Pup Treats, along with a little help from mom.
the cookie cutter queen!

pup treats hot out of the oven.

made little gift bags for the other dogs in my neighborhood

Cake Pops!

Treats for humans and dogs!

Happy baking!