Vanilla Bake Shop: Review


So a few weeks ago it was mine and Dylan’s 3 year anniversary! Crazy, the time has gone by so fast. And since I work for Fairmont, we went to stay at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica for a day/night of relaxation. And lots of yummy food =]

One of the first places we stopped at was Vanilla Bake Shop, only a couple blocks away from the hotel!


They had the cutest Halloween display in the window. I wanted to take it home with me!


We were each going to get a mini cupcake, but since they only sell the mini cupcakes in 3’s, we picked out a third!

Finally decided on Banana Chocolate Chip, Fudgy Brownie & Red Velvet.

Started with the Red Velvet, it was so moist the wrapper was falling off! Loved the cake, but thought the frosting could be a little bit more cream cheesy.


Then Fudgy Brownie, this one was our least favorite. The cake was a dry “brownie” with not-so-exciting vanilla frosting.


Cutting it in half to share!


Banana Chocolate Chip, this one was AMAZING! The banana cake had the perfect amount of chocolate chips and was super moist, and the cream cheese frosting complimented it very well. Would definitely order this cupcake again!




And Dylan got a super awesome shirt!


Why yes they do.

If you guys want to visit Vanilla Bake Shop, they have 2 locations; one in Santa Monica & one in Century City.

512 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Ph: 310.458.6644

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Floor 1 Space 1250
Ph: 310-284-7937

Monday thru Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Happy cupcaking!



Frosted Review Part 2

It was a beautiful, hot summer day. The perfect type of day for some ice cream. And cupcakes.

So me and the boyfriend took a drive to Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach to try an ice cream cupcake!

The cupcakes in the case looked so good when we walked in I couldn’t resist getting one!

Cute little test tubes with sprinkles in them.

Red Velvet cupcake with vanilla ice cream.

About to dig in. The little bag has 3 “pupcakes” made specially for dogs =]

Pretty good!

The boyfriend with his cup of milk, so cute.

We also picked out a Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake and a Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

I brought both of these cupcakes home but didn’t end up getting to try either of them, sad face!

Oh well maybe next time!

Anyways, back to the ice cream cupcake review...

Red Velvet...I had to. It was a good cupcake, but I think it would have been better with some cake batter ice cream! The cake was a little bit dense and hard, I would have almost rather had a soft and moist cupcake with a scoop of ice cream next to it. Overall, not bad but not the best.

Until next time cupcake lovers.

<3holli

I found cupcakes in VEGAS.

So while I was in Vegas I was determined to find a cupcake shop! We stayed at the Flamingo, definitely no cupcakes there. But while we were out and about on the strip, we just happened to run into The Cupcakery located inside the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.

We decided on 4 different cupcakes;
Kir Royal- Moist raspberry cake drenched in a bubbly champagne frosting.
Bugsy- Tasty carrot cake topped with luscious cream cheese frosting.
Southern Belle- Sumptuous red velvet cake smothered with cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup- Rich chocolate cake topped with crunchy peanut butter frosting.

The Kir Royal’s raspberry cake was delicious and perfect! The frosting however, was REALLY sweet, almost too sweet! Their version of red velvet was very traditional and did not dissapoint. I’d say the cream cheese frosting was my favorite part, I even took a piece of the raspberry cake and topped it with a little cream cheese frosting....oh my, so good!

I did not end up being able to taste the carrot or the chocolate peanut butter, BUT of all my family and friends who were there, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup was voted the BEST cupcake!

The aftermath.

I’d say this cupcakery was a success!

Until next time...


Frostings Cupcakes Review!

I took the trip up to Lake Forest, CA to Frostings Cupcakes last week. I was half going to get cupcakes, half going to see my friend Harmony from baking school who was lucky enough to get a job there!

The shopping center that it is located in is huge! It’s recently remodeled and really nice looking, tons of trees and plants. As well as cupcakes, they had a ton of cute merchandise including shirts, sweatpants, coffee mugs, and cupcake aprons! Luckily when I went they were having a 50% off sale, so I couldn’t resist getting a shirt =] I didn’t end up taking a picture of it, but it says Frostings Cupcake University in pink!

The cupcake flavors I ended up getting were Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, and Night and Day.

The Red Velvet was delicious! It was the perfect color too, dark and chocolatey with a hint of red. The cake was very moist, paired with the cream cheese frosting = perfect!

The Night and Day cupcake was good, but a little bit less moist than the Red Velvet. And I definitely prefer the cream cheese frosting over the vanilla buttercream. It wasn’t bad, but the cream cheese was soooo good! I think I’m just a sucker for cheese in general.

Unfortunately I didn’t end up trying any of the Cookies and Cream, instead I gave it to one of the bffs Kellen! It looks VERY good though! I”ll just have to go back very soon to try some more flavors.

Frostings Cupcakes is for sure going on my list for favorite bakeries! Make sure you check them out here;

23624 El Toro Road, Suite D
Lake Forest, CA 92630

<3hollicakes

Sweet&Saucy Shop

Hey again! Updates two days in a row?! I’m proud of myself!

Well yesterday the boyfriend and I had some extra time and wanted to hit up a new bakery, but I couldn’t think of any specific one. So I did what I usually do, check out a few of my favorite cupcake blogs for ideas. And on the I found one! Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach! Her reviews looked promising, so we decided to give it a try.

I really want to get some cute cake stands like these.

We ended up getting a mini Red Velvet Cupcake, a mini Candy Bar Cupcake, a Red Velvet Cake Pop, and a Banana Peanut Butter Cake Pop.

Treats and a glass of milk, perfect.

The Red Velvet cupcake was a tiny bit dry, but still overall very good. I think it was the frosting that won me over! I’m not a huge frosting fan, but I LOVED this cream cheese frosting. It almost seemed like it had a little bit of cinnamon added to it, I didn’t see any specks in the white frosting however, so maybe I’m crazy! Either way, it was VERY good.

The Candy Bar cupcake was ridiculously sweet but with the perfect amount of salty to balance it out. The mini version was perfect, because it was much richer than the Red Velvet. I might have sugar coma’d if we would have gotten a regular sized cupcake =p

This was actually the first bakery I’ve been to that features cake pops, pretty exciting! So of course we had to get a couple.

As you can see in the photo, the Banana Peanut Butter pop was dipped in chocolate once, but the Red Velvet was dipped twice!

I thought 2 coats of chocolate was a little bit too much, and it took away from the flavor of the cake a little bit. But the amount of chocolate on the Banana Peanut Butter pop was PERFECT!

What was leftover =]

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Sweet and Saucy Shop. The customer service was awesome, and the treats delicious. If you want to visit, they are located here:

6400 Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday : 11am-7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 562.397.9190


The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

Yay for new cupcake reviews! My boyfriend and I were on our way to Disneyland and decided to make a stop in Orange, CA to visit The Perfect Circle Cupcakery! This was by far the most adorable bakery I’ve ever been to, decorated in all teal, black and white. The cupcakes were $3 each, and they also offer a variety of vintage sodas and coffee. Although it said “No Photo Shoots” on the door (which I thought was very strange) I was able to sneak some photos!

ridiculously cute, right?

the boyfriend with cupcake goodies.

with my cupcakes!

The Queen - Sourthen Light Cocoa Cake with rich Cream Cheese Frosting lightly dusted with Red Velvet Cake.

Tuxedo - Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake with rich Vanilla Buttercream Frosting covered in bittersweet chocolate chips.

Snickerdoodle - Cinnamon Swirled Vanilla Cake with rich Vanilla Buttercream and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

My Review
The Queen - Red Velvet is my absolute favorite, so I couldn’t pass this one up. The cake was very moist and the frosting had the perfect amount of cream cheese flavor. These cupcakes were a little bit larger than your average cupcake, and I was happy to find that they had a good amount of frosting, not too much though!

Tuxedo - So I sorta convinced my boyfriend to pick this one so I could try a bite of it =] The dark chocolate cake was amazing! The vanilla frosting was good, but not anything too special. I would have LOVED it if this cupcake had the cream cheese frosting that the red velvet had! Mmm!

Snickerdoodle - We were so ridiculously full from lunch and a cupcake each that we only ended up trying a bite or two of this one. It was good, a little bit dryer than the chocolate and red velvet. It was the same vanilla frosting, but the cake was definitely better. But then again I’m such a chocolate lover my reviews on non-chocolate cupcakes may be a little harsh! Since this was a seasonal flavor I really wanted to try it anyways! Ha.

Or if you would like to visit here is the address;
Perfect Circle Cupcakery
165 N. Glassell
Orange, CA

Until next time my cupcake lovers,


Red Velvet Cheesecake...

I finally was able to try the red Velvet Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! As my boyfriend and I waited for our huge slice to be boxed up, we looked at the poster that showed all the calorie counts of each type of cheesecake. And down at the VERY bottom weighing in at 1590 calories was the Red Velvet Cheesecake. OH MY GOD. That is almost a whole day’s worth of calories in one piece of cake!! We shared it, of course, and it was so good it was worth every single calorie =]

Sorry I didn’t end up with a better picture, I barely had time to snap this one on my phone before we dug in....


Cupcakery Reviews!

So I decided that I am going to start hitting up all kinds of bakeries in southern California and start up a review page! My boyfriend/assistant Dylan was sweet enough to take me to two different local bakeries this past Valentine's weekend! Lucky me =]
First we went to The Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach.

I got a Red Velvet and he got the monthly flavor, Cherry Chocolate Chip! And I even got a new tshirt that says "Frosted is for Lovers" soo happy about that! =]



he likes to snap pictures of me with cupcake in my mouth....

 The NEXT day........ SusieCakes in Newport Beach.

Once again I got the Red Velvet, Dylan picked out the Peanut Butter. And we decided on a third, the Cupcake of the Month, Sugar and Spice, vanilla cake with cinnamon sugar frosting.


Peanut Butter.

Red Velvet

As you can probably see, our cupcakes rarely make it home...

My Review:
I liked the Red Velvet cupcake at The Frosted Cupcakery better than the one at SusieCakes.They both tasted good, but overall the cupcake at Frosted tasted a little bit better! Maybe cause it was Valentine's day =] It had a little less frosting than SusieCakes, which is okay with me. I'm more of a cake lover anyways! They were both very moist and very rich. Although the cupcake at SusieCakes was a little redder, I think the one at Frosted was a tad bit bigger. The Sugar and Spice cupcake was a little bit dryer than the Red Velvet, but still very delicious. The cinnamon sugar frosting was amazing! And the vanilla cake even had some cute red confetti in it.
Dylan's Review:
“While nothing was quite as delicious as any of the treats Holli makes, ALL of the cupcakes I go to try were incredible. One thing I really liked about both The Frosted Cupcakery and SusieCakes was that they had extremely moist cupcakes and they didn’t overflow the cupcakes with frosting like some of the other bakeries. All in all, I actually preferred the cupcakes at SusieCakes, although when I go back to Frosted to try the ice cream filled cupcakes I may have to change my mind. My favorite overall cupcake was definitely the peanut butter one from SusieCakes, but that may just be because I’m a Peanut-butter-aholic.”
If anyone wants to visit either of these bakeries, here is the info. More reviews coming soon!


2043 Westcliff Drive #104
Newport Beach, CA 92660